September 2000


Tax Filing dates

2000 Year filings get an extra day. It’s due on April 16, 2001, because April 15th falls on a Sunday.

And for those that file in Andover, Mass, have until April 17, 2001, since April 16 will be a state holiday in Massachusetts.


Zoning Laws and the Home-Based Business:

With more and more people working out of their homes, many are unaware that they may be in violation of the local zoning laws.

So check the city zoning laws that mandate that certain requirements are met, such as a) limit on number of employees b) limit on noise of traffic c) limit on signs d) limit on amount of space e) petition for use and f) licenses and taxes.

Usually officials find out about a noncomplying home business through neighbor complaints.

The main zoning restrictions are set forward by cities or counties and may be found through the planning or zoning board for such entity. In lieu of a personal visit, one may be able to locate the required zoning information on the web at one of these sites:

In addition to these zoning laws, other restrictions may apply if you live in a condominium or in certain neighborhoods. So you should check lease agreements, ownership agreements, homeowners’ association requirements and neighborhood covenants to ensure your compliance with any additional rules.

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